Sad is so overrated!

Ok, so 2011 was not exactly a ‘fun’ year over-all. Dealing with things like Father-in-law’s homelessness/joblessness, finding-out that my mom and brothers could literally have been killed by their home (how sucky is that?!),  loss of and then burial of a 7mo child (this one really sucked), husband totaling a vehicle (though thankfully only with superficial wounds), etc. . I am TOTALLY over 2011 (well, if you count ‘over’ as ‘ just so sick and freaking tired of dealing with it all’ …).  I know there may still be some ‘issues’ that started last year that ‘may’ come-up, and if/when that happens…. well I’ll deal.

I have decided that not only will I focus on the really good/amazing things of 2011 [ Best friend’s BEAUTIFUL wedding, going home for Christmas, great trips to Las Vegas (no scandal involved, just visiting family and a geek conference), San Diego (more family), Florida (lots of sanctioned hitting and kicking ^_^ ), being alive, being married to the (well almost 😉 ) perfect man for me, and the unfailing love and support of our family, friends, local community, parish, and people we didn’t even know existed, …etc],  but also [I will focus on] what great blessings we have already had in 2012.

I am sick/sad/tired of being sick/sad/tired. Bound and determined 2012 is not going to kick my arse like 2011 did. even if I only make it through today, I am going to make an intense effort to experience everything possible this year. I am NOT going to wallow in the past but rather acknowledge it and how it has shaped me and live life to the fullest as best I can.

Sick of being sad, looking to embrace life, and here it changes.  …. I just hope I can say the same thing in 20 min. 😉  … especially since I should have my sourdough starter going gang-busters by then ❤

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