Photos of the fam

Business first:
I am participating in the Invisalign Teen Bright Smiles Holiday Photo Contest with Dumb Mom. You should too! Or you could participate by ‘gently nudging’ the judging committee in my direction. Really, I would be ok with that.   ….. LOL!

So, There!

I have been wanting to do a post about this for a while, now I have a little extra motivation.


Here we go.

This had been a crazy year of firsts: First time my parents visited us (instead of the other way around), first baby and all she entails, and the first time I have really realized just how much I really do ad-lib this life thing.

O_O Oh…. My… Gosh…   …kinda the same feeling I have before my first coffee in the morning, and my second, and my eighth…

Where the heck does time go? When did all this really come together? Where did I put my keys THIS time?

And then, getting ready for our first Christmas as three, (sorry cat, you don’t count, but neither do the fish), I had one of those moments of clarity that seem to be coming so much less often of late. I am exactly where I want to be.  That is a pretty freaking cool thing to be able to say!

Which of course does NOT mean that things here are anything less than chaos.

Before I elaborate, permit me to introduce the two most important players, My amazing husband (V from here on out) and our beautiful little girl (A.J.):

On to the Chaos. I will not be TOO elaborate with this so just a glimpse.

We decided to have a ‘family photo shoot’ in a pumpkin patch to remember our first Fall together. The best laid plans…

I have grand ideas of artistry and refuse to believe that anything less than spectacular will happen. I am, after all, Super-mom!  In my head, but aren’t we all sometimes?
It was a beautiful day, all our clothes were clean and ready. Nothing could go wrong… right? We got to where the patch was all set up with hay bales, scarecrows, and oodles of pumpkins everywhere. They were there, I SWEAR, just two days earlier! When we arrived all dolled up and ready to make some memories EVERYTHING WAS GONE! The only proof of my modicum of remaining sanity was that there were little bits of straw that had come loose from the bales and been missed in the clean-up. Tell me you have never had a moment like this :

Mom is now a little more than frazzled and disappointed, AJ is just experiencing yet more new adventures and moments in this wonderful life, and V is finding the whole thing rather amusing. The apparent amusement of course frazzles mom even more… you get the idea. Well, what can you do?! Take the opportunity for a moment like this of course:

As it turned out, a local grocery store had wonderful bins of the ‘fairy-tale’ pumpkins outside waiting for the last crazy family on the planet to claim. We did not get the whole family session that I originally envisioned but how can I be sad about this wonderful shot?

In a cardboard bin, outside a grocery store, the little girl makes the day a win yet again!

I may be disorganized, over-caffeinated, and simply dopey most of the time, but I have a fantastic life! I have the sweetest little goofy girl in the world. My husband is the most kind, loving, and supportive man I have ever met. Every time I see his smile or her wonderful grin I can’t help but smile myself and get a little giddy about every upcoming moment with them!

Now, If we can get a family Christmas photo before Valentine’s day……


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2 Responses to Photos of the fam

  1. Dumb Mom says:

    Thanks for entering! Quite a happy looking group you have here:)

  2. Daria says:

    Wow, all of these entries are so cute. I love your picture with AJ’s hand on your nose. Adorable!

    Here’s my brood if you’re interested.

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