Unearth Malee *Review*

So, this is my very first review post.

*and the peasants rejoiced*

Unearth Malee makes some of the best soaps on the planet!

I have RIDICULOUSLY sensitive skin (Cetaphil makes me break-out), and I have to say, these soaps are AMAZING! My husband and I had the opportunity to try several different ‘flavours’ and WOW!!!

The Cilantro Mint Basil is delightfully herbal and ‘manly’ at the same ‘thyme’ (yuk, yuk, yuk,….).  I love hugging my Boi after a shower when he smells like it!

As far as soaps for me go, I an torn between the  Mangosteen, White Tea, Bergamot, and  the Papaya, Ginger, Lemongrass. Both are delightfully aromatic and yet gentle enough that even my tempermental skin is happy.

Each bar comes hand wrapped in flower seeded paper so it is biodegradable. The packaging is lovely enough that it makes a perfect gift with only the addition of a bow. There are also some fantastic gift sets on the site for any special person who deserves a little extra spoiling.

The soaps lather so much that I feel like I am being pampered at a day-spa every time I shower, and are also kind enough that I don’t have to feel like I am in desert all day. I also really like the ingredient list. As a mother of a small child it is really important to me to know exactly what my little one is being exposed to. Not only are the body soaps made with the highest quality organics , but they are also made from sustainable ingredients. Good for the planet, good for the soul.

I really like supporting WAHM’s, and I have to say, as far as basics go: you could do a LOT worse than supporting Unearth Malee.

Pro’s: All natural Organic ingredients that even picky skin enjoys, wonderful unique scents, & I said so!

Con’s: it is more expensive for a single bar of soap, but it doesn’t take as much to get the ‘job’ done…. I guess this really isn’t a ‘con’.

Browse and purchase Unearth Malee products at : http://www.unearthmalee.com/

Thank me later! 🙂

All opinions expressed, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are my own, unpaid, opinion. I receive no compensation for my positive or negative reviews. In such cases where I receive a product specifically for review, with/without other compensation, it will be noted here.

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